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Preventative Methods for a Longer, Happier You


Our bodies aren't just machines that house our soul. They are a part of us that enable us to enjoy our lives to their max. Anything we experience in life we experience through our  physical bodies - joy, happiness, fulfillment, strength...

The same is with anything negative that affects our functionality - stress, overworked, fatigue...these can eventually lead to illness and cutting our lives short of what is rightfully ours: happiness, health and joy!

Don't wait until your body gives out! Don't wait until illness sets in! Preventative medicine is the best medicine for longevity of life!

Opening Congested Areas


Through specialized massage, bodywork, and energy work we open up areas of muscle congestion - trigger points, muscle adhesions, scar tissue, ischemia, or trapped energy. 

These areas of congestion do not allow the free movement of blood, lymphatic fluid, oxygen and nutrients vital to healthy muscle tissue. 

Part of balancing our bodies is to release tension through various  modalities to best address your specific need.

Tightening Up Weak Areas


Just as Yin has a Yang, heat has its opposite - cold, wet - dry - these opposing forces were meant to work together to bring forth BALANCE.

Our bodies begin to feel out of balance when one of these opposing forces overcomes the other. Thus, in our bodies, just as relaxation brings forth healing, strengthening weak areas will assist our bodies in having a strong structure.

Strengthening sessions with different  types of exercises will help you address these areas to give you healthy muscle-brain connection and a stronger you.

Our Services

Personal Training


Through personalized physical training sessions we focus on bringing health to our inner body: strength in cardiovascular system, oxygenation through lung expansion, detoxification through sweat and mobilizing slugglish digestive tracks. For some, this personal training time may not always necessarily be strength and conditioning, but it may be more breathing, meditation and yoga to lower stress and cortisol levels that have “hyped” the nervous system. 

These proceses are unique to each individual and I closely monitor the changes in order to effectively make necessary adjustments to fit your own personal “energetic blueprint”.

Energetic Blueprint Reading


As Einstein said, we are all made up of energetic molecules. As in Chinese philosophy, as well as Ayurvedic medicine, we all have energetic lines within our bodies that emanate outwards. 

These energy fields carry stagnant points of congestion that affect our conscious and subconscious mind trickling down to our physical bodies, as well as our thought processes and decision making.

Being aware of the condition of our energetic field, and present energetic condition will help plan a wellness program unique to your own needs. 

Unifying energywork, bodywork as well as nutrition will help you “detoxify” and regenerate holistically towards health and wellness. 

Energetic & Physical Nutrition


The body regenerates on "materials" you provide. Anything that the body "ingests" - whether through foods eaten, air breathed, and environments your surround yourself are all absorbed into your body.

Through energetic and physical nutrition I will guide you how to properly feed your body with the right foods,  environmental energy as well as detoxing 

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About Us

Lucy Valle, Wellness Coach

Creative Director Spalux Events

Lucy has been in the wellness industry since 2003. Her philosophy stems from all her years of experience seeing that people are in dire need for re-grounding back to nurture, nature and community connection. Her eclectic beliefs are rooted in universal laws of coexistence with the macrocosmos by assisting the individual return to holistic path to wellness and wholeness. 

This also inspired her to create opportunities for people to gather together through Yoga and meditation classes,  workshops  and retreats to strengthen relationships to self and others, create positive environments and promote relaxation and wellness through healthy connections. 

Brenda - Creative Partner


Brenda has over 7 years experience in the SPA industry and specializes in beauty and wellness. 

Her passion has driven her to share her expertise and knowledge to other women through social media.  Her love and passion for all things esthetic extend to creativity in fitness, diet, beauty regimen and self-care.

Brenda is also a fitness coach, licensed esthetician and massage therapist and believes in the power of taking care of self to promote happiness, health, longevity and beauty.

Our Mission


Eastern Sun Healing Arts’ Mission is to promote the long time wisdom of all ages to promote happiness, health, and fulfillment in life by:

  • providing an environment that promotes community
  • encouraging genuine connection through community and play
  • providing a safe space for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • allowing healing and laughter through enjoyable, healthy activities